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Grab your esky and jump on board for the road trip adventure of Barramundi Wines…

We’re older than the Big Day Out. But not as old as your mother.


If there’s one thing us Aussies are proud of, it’s our wine. We know how to make a good drop. And we reckon Barramundi is a cracker! It’s an easy-drinking, fruit-driven wine that anyone can afford.


Barramundi comes from the Murray Darling Region of Victoria where two of Australia’s greatest rivers meet. It means our vineyards are supplied with constant water, which is just as well, as there’s hardly any rainfall during the growing season! Just endless days of sunshine! And we’ve got bloody good soil too! Soil that produces rich, ripe berry fruit flavours. It’s a beaut part of the world – especially if you’re a grape.


We first launched Barramundi in Australia in 1990 with two blends in our range and some fancy labels illustrated by iconic Aussie artist Ken Done. Two years later we launched in the UK. By 2003 we had seven wines in the range and were producing 250ml bottles as well – handy for spur-of-the-moment adventures. Strewth! We were growing faster than whiskers on a hairy nosed wombat.


Today, we’ve ditched our 90s look in favour of fresh branding that captures the real Australia – fun-loving, friendly and full of adventure.


So now if you’ve been busy cooking up a storm , or your mates drop in unexpectedly or you just want to sit back and think of warm, sunny days and a long weekend – crack open a bottle of your favourite Barramundi and celebrate the carefree spirit of Australia.

We love Australia so much we wanted to bottle it!


  • Chardonnay


    Winemaker: Qualia Wines

    Tasting Notes

    This is the colour of Queensland holidays – light straw with a vibrant green hue. Like where the lawn meets the sand on the beaches around Noosa. As you raise your glass, you can smell the fruit platters, piled high with rockmelons, nectarines and citrus blossom, resting on platforms of toasty oak and rain-kissed metal. Then, when it hits your mouth, it’s as if you’re in the local farmers market, feasting on creamy lemon curd, nectarines and pineapple after your slightly-charred-yet-perfect BBQ lunch.

    Food Combo

    Keep it simple and relaxed with seafood or get cracking with roasted pork shoulder and apples, or whole baked snapper with butter and lemon thyme, or panna cotta with vanilla poached peaches.

  • Shiraz Petit Verdot

    Shiraz Petit Verdot

    Winemaker: Qualia Wines

    Tasting Notes

    Imagine the wet season in The Territory, when the clouds are dark and inky. It’s that colour. Then the wine’s bouquet rushes toward you like a summer cyclone, the big, bold aromas of dark forest fruits, black cherry, clove and violet hitting landfall in your nose. And those same flavours churn with tastes of cigar, spice and leather from the oak barrels. It’s wild and irresistible – just like Australia.

    Food Combo

    Dive into something adventurous, like wild duck braised in sour cherries, or chargrilled quail with radicchio, red grape and walnut salad, or chicken liver paté with raisins and aged cheddar.

  • Chardonnay Viognier

    Chardonnay Viognier

    Winemaker: Qualia Wines

    Tasting Notes

    This is Australia in a glass. Mid straw with a vibrant green hue, it calls you like a road trip through cane fields or coastal forests. You can almost smell the sunshine in the aromas of white peach, apricot and orange blossom. And when you get that first crisp, fresh taste – with the stonefruit and honeydew melon balanced by the citrus lemon finish – it’s like a surprising, lively adventure that you never want to end.

    Food Combo

    Think fresh and easy, like chargrilled prawns, or poached chicken salad, or broad bean bruschetta with goats curd and poached pears.

  • Shiraz


    Winemaker: Qualia Wines

    Tasting Notes

    If you’ve ever seen Uluru (Ayers Rock) when the sun’s setting, you’ll know this colour – crimson with tinges of red. As you raise your glass, it smells like summer in a country town with Satsuma plum, pepper and spice wafting in the air. Then, as you gulp that first mouthful – small sips are near impossible – its velvety tannins slide across your tongue and the rich, ripe flavours of dark berries, fruitcake and vanilla come out to enthusiastically greet you, like the ladies at an Outback fundraiser.

    Food Combo

    Keep it as simple as a BBQ or go for something big on flavour like an eggplant parmigiana or a BBQ T-bone steak with café de Paris butter, or skip straight to dessert with a fruity panforte.

  • Pinot Noir

    Pinot Noir

    Winemaker: Qualia Wines

    Tasting Notes

    You’ve seen the flowers on a native bottlebrush? The colour’s a bit like that – mid red with a crimson hue. Now take a sniff and picture the pile of juicy berries on top of a creamy summer pav.  Can’t you smell those cherries, strawberries, raspberries wafting through the country air? You can taste the berries too. As the soft, velvety tannins linger in your mouth, it’ll take you back to Great Aunt Sheila’s veggie garden with violets, rhubarb and the vanilla ice cream she gave you to cope with the 40 degree heat!

    Food Combo

    Goes great with the Christmas Ham or a fancy duck and cranberry terrine. Cheers!

  • Pinot Grigio

    Pinot Grigio

    Winemaker: Qualia Wines

    Tasting Notes

    If the Aussie summer had a colour it’d be this: light straw with a vibrant green hue. And if the Aussie summer was a wine, it’d definitely be this. Aromas of pear, white nectarine and grapefruit leap out of the glass like a bunch of skinny teenagers on hot sand at the beach! And with the hint of sweet honeysuckle, you won’t forget the first kiss of your holiday romance. Take a sip or three and be refreshed by its crisp, clean and zesty lemon character. It’s just what you need on a stinking hot day.

    Food Combo

    Match this wine with your ‘catch of the day’ (Baby Snapper’s a good one) grilled nicely on the barbie. Or else you can’t go wrong with some poached chicken and a mango and wild rice salad.

  • Merlot


    Winemaker: Qualia Wines

    Tasting Notes

    Like an old bushie’s night time yarn, the Merlot is deep and mysterious. Dark ruby in colour but when the light hits, it glows with a crimson hue. Whiffs of blackberry and blackcurrant drift from the glass. It’s a bit smoky with a subtle mint scent, like a hopeful farmer getting ready for a Saturday night dance.  When you taste it, you get a burst of rich blackberry and plum before it settles right down to a soft, silky finish. If you’re looking for that laid-back Aussie feel, this is it.

    Food Combo

    Goes great with buttered parmesan crostini or Calabrese pizza, or you can pair it up with a chicken en papillote (fancy talk for cooked and served in a paper wrapper) and garden vegetables.

  • Cabernet


    Winemaker: Qualia Wines

    Tasting Notes

    Most Aussies love a good Cab Sav. This medium bodied, savoury drop is a beauty. Deep ruby red in colour, like a big bowl of cherries at an Aussie Christmas picnic. The aroma, however, is very berry. It floats out of the glass with hints of white pepper and green olive. Take a sip and it’s as if you’re sitting around the campfire out in the outback. It has toasted flavours of black cherry and green olive with a little bit of spice that will stay with you like a loyal blue heeler after a hard day’s work herding cattle.

    Food Combo

    Perfect as a winter warmer with rosemary braised lamb shanks or try it with a tasty plate of baked figs, prosciutto and blue cheese.

The unofficial ‘barrapedia’


Anything that relates to or pertains to Australia. Someone who has lived in Australia long enough to call it ‘home’.
The afternoon. Late in the arvo is a good time to crack open a bottle of Chardonnay.
Barbecue. A hot plate powered by gas or camp fire used to cook meat or shrimp. Also refers to the act of cooking on a barbecue and entertaining friends at the same time.
Great. Excellent. Not bad at all.
Big Day Out
Australia’s ultimate music festival. Also a day when you’ve done a lot. Usually spoken as you sit back and relax with the first glass of wine in the evening. “That was a big day out.”
Bloody Good
Like Beaut but more. Fantastic. The Best.
Bloody Oath!
That is certainly true.
Something that is very good.
Cooking up a storm
To really know how to cook, sometimes in large quantity and quality. The act of doing a lot of cooking.
See Beaut, Bloody Good, Ripper.
Crack Open
To open.
Completely full- no more room.
The genuine article.
To stop or to leave something behind.
Drop in
To arrive uninvited but not necessarily unwelcome.
Portable cooler or ice box.
Fair Dinkum
True and right.
Fair Suck of the Sav!
"I don't believe it!"- An exclamation of amazement or doubt.
Get Cracking
To start or begin something. Usually performed with haste.
Good Drop
A wine of good quality.
Good Onya
Great work, champ!
Hairy Nosed Wombat
(Genius: Lasiorhinus) Large fur covered, heavy built, ground dwelling mammal. They have hairy noses unlike the common wombat that doesn’t.
Something's not right, a little bit dodgy.
Ken Done
Australian artist best known for is simple brightly coloured canvases usually depicting Australian landmarks. His designs were featured on aprons, oven mitts, happy pants, coasters and tea towels.
A large state in Australia’s North East, known for good beaches, sunshine and the Great Barrier Reef.
Australian honorific term of endearment. A friend or pal.
No Worries!
Exactly what it sounds like- no dramas, no problems, don't stress- there's nothing to stress about.
Place made famous in song, poem and legend. It lies somewhere far beyond the point where the cities stop.
Position- "Make sure you get a good pozzy at the picnic."
Original, genuine.
When a group of mates jump in a car or van and go on an adventure.
She'll be Apples
Everything's going to be just fine.
Sparrow's Fart
Crack of dawn/ first thing in the morning.
Exclamation of surprise and amazement.
The Territory
Australia’s Deep North, known for red soil and desert plains. This has Ayres Rock within its boundaries.

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